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Tintern Abbey
Tintern Abbey

Our Story

Why The Name?

The “Ryan” part of Ryan’s Public House is dedicated to owner (or publican, if you will), Bernadette Ryan. The Ryan name is an old Irish name descended from kings in her home province of Leinster. Originally in Gaelic as O’Maoilriain, it was eventually Anglicized and shortened to Ryan.

A “Public House” is a type of drinking establishment that has been around for centuries in which locals and travelers alike would gather for a good meal and a pint and, of course, great hospitality. Developed from the traditions of early taverns and alehouses, public houses are known for their warm welcoming environment and acceptance of all. In fact, it was required under Brehon Law (an ancient set of laws that governed Ireland) that no person requesting food, drink, or shelter should be turned away.

At Ryan’s Public House, we pride ourselves on upholding this tradition of welcoming all who walk through our doors. We believe that our friendly staff and comfortable atmosphere are what keep our customers happy and coming back. Our perfectly poured Guinness- and might we add, closest to an Irish pint you’ll find- is just an added bonus. But the best part about us? Our customers!


About The Owner

Bernadette Ryan comes from Co. Wexford in the very southeast of Ireland not far from the sea. Her love of her native land and the waters that surround it is evident in each of the photos on our walls as she wanted to maintain a sense of Ireland and especially Wexford in creating her pub. From the atmosphere to the food to the friendliness of staff, you’ll get a sense of small town Ireland simply by walking through the doors. Bernadette makes a point to introduce herself and welcome newcomers so as to make them feel at home and our regulars welcome all in the craíc. Much like a certain television show, everyone knows everyone by name here and if they don’t yet, they will by the time you walk back out the door.

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